Lester - "AnotherWorld" FanArt

When I was young, one of my favorite games was “Another world”. I decided to make the protagonist of this game during a workshop with Jonathan Rush. I wanted to continue the character after the end of the first “Another world”. I decided to give him more experience of the world where he was living, and so I made him dirty, and with a little battery kit for his gun reloads.

Lucas hug 01 videogamesreferences
Lucas hug 02 concept
Lucas hug 03 highdefinitionmodel
Lucas hug 04 highdefinitionmodel details
Lucas hug 05 lowpoly wire
Lucas hug 06 textures
Lucas hug 07 finalmodel
Lucas hug 08 finalmodel 360
Lucas hug 09 finalmodel details1 3
Lucas hug 10 finalmodel details2 3
Lucas hug 11 finalmodel details3 3